I have the right to know my rights…

Disability Services and Inclusion Center

Disability Services and Inclusion Center ( DSIC) at the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education at the Islamic University, represented by the DSIC coordinator, Ms. Nesma Alghoula, welcomed the “Snhya Karama” team- live with dignity- emanating from the Association of Visually Impaired Individuals Alumni, represented by the association’s director, Mr. Nader Bashir, campaign coordinator, Dua’a Bashir, and Mr. Maher El-Deeb, on Tuesday 07/09/ 2021 as part of Snhya Karama campaign, in the presence of a group of students with disabilities

Ms. Nesma Alghoula welcomed the attendance, stressing the importance of the meeting in the field of awareness-raising to demand the rights of people with disabilities. This meeting comes within the activities implemented by DSIC in partnership with local institutions. During the meeting, Mr. Nader Bashir confirmed that this campaign is a protest against preventing a number of people with visual disabilities from public employment and to demand the application of the Palestinian law for people with disabilities(PwD) and the harmonization of employment for persons with visual disabilities.

In the end, some questions from the students were answered.

#we will live with dignity

#It is my right to work

#my job_ my_dignity

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