Honouring students with disabilities in the Faculty of Arts department

The Faculty of Arts honoured students with disabilities enrolled in it, on Wednesday at 11 AM in collaboration with the Center for Disability and Inclusion Services, represented by Dr. Ayman Abu Sweirah, Acting Director, and Ms. Nesma Al-Ghoula, the center’s coordinator, in the presence Dr. Naeem Baroud, the Dean of the College of Arts, Dr. Mohammed Alhanjouri, Deputy Dean of Community Service and Continuing Education, Dr. Osama Hammad, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Hassan El-Nabih, Head of the English Language Department, Dr. Amjad Al Mufti, Head of the Department of Social Work

and Dr. Raed Salha, former Dean of the College of Arts

Dr. Hammad welcomed the attendance. He thanked the students for their commitment, keenness and continuous determination to continue their education. On his part, Dr. Baroud points the will and determination possessed by the students for their excellence in their college, and that the college and all its staff seek to advance them. He thanked the center, which seeks to provide services and educational needs for students with disabilities that contribute to their success and continuous development.

Dr. Al-Hanjouri also expressed his pride in being among those students with a strong will, saying that we learn a lot from them and that this center was created to serve people with disabilities.

In turn, the students thanked the Faculty of Arts and the Center, which contributes to their advocacy and support with all that is necessary during their university studies.

At the end of the meeting, students with disabilities were honoured by giving them certificates of merit with a distinct gift to motivate and encourage them for their efforts during their university studies.

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